I do not claim to be an expert on the subject (far from it) but I feel the following outline may be helpful:

Focus and Clarity

I’ve talked about the need for focus and clarity before, but in terms of clearing one’s mind of distractions. This should also include very rather clear and to the point in what you want a spell to do, without beating around the bush or making allusions. So “I want $200” is the sort where you may at least get $200 but not in the way you’d prefer, or you could say, “I would like to sell this painting I did for $200” or “this lot of items from my garage for $200” or “for some one to give me, without obligation, $200” or so and so forth, if you’re very worried about unforseen catastrophe on the part of a vague spell. But if you only say, “I want more money” this could be satisfied with finding a penny on the ground (it is money and that means you have found more money– a whole penny richer!) or not at all because of course you may also have been more focused on a myriad of things you want to do with that money as opposed to a material amount of money. So which did you want, the money or that other stuff? Be specific.

Time and Intent

Obviously the phrasing above wouldn’t be as good unless you changed the tense so it’s present or past tense (This painting sold for $200, I am earning/have found/been given $200 from… and so on) because future tense allows for it to simply never happen, just that it could happen but not necessarily. Don’t be peevish. It is preferable to take a more demanding tone.

Be Specific: Targeting

If you’re targeting someone or something, you need to be pretty specific here, too. If, say, you want to put a spell (of any sort) on a person, what do you need to make sure the correct person receives the spell? Well…

  1. Their name– FULL name, the name most associated with them. Remember that you should include their parents names as well, their mother’s preferably (because her name is less well known and therefore a more personal link. So “Luke Skywalker, son of Padme Amidala Naberrie” etc. And naturally you’ll have somewhat of a stronger connection to someone in whose body you gestated).
  2. Material from that person, the more personal the better. For example, bits of hair, toe clippings, underwear (or a piece cut from it), etc. Blood of course or saliva, as well as semen, vaginal secretions, etc. are highly specific but naturally hard to come by.
  3. Lacking that, you may try including more specific information — yeah, home address, astrological chart*, that sort of thing. Bits of soil from their childhood home’s yard, or current home, and so on.
  4. Of course if you’re planning on placing the spell on their person or in their home, then the names should be sufficient. If being done from a safe distance, then you will need to include more material or information. Do recall that there is precedent for pointing things towards the target, e.g. nithings, but beneficent items too (e.g. Mecca).
  5. As far as things (like institutions) go, I’m not entirely sure what is most efficient or effective. Logos are usually suggested as the identifier and I imagine the inclusion of at least the official date that it was founded helps too, as well as the names of the founders. Using the soil from the original (or current, if just one) location in lieu of birthplace or home, or placing spells upon signs for the thing as well. If the thing is fairly abstract (say, Atlanta Traffic) then you need to go back to the drawing board and figure something more specific (perhaps something for you to navigate and avoid traffic more easily, or to be able to use the transit system more often, etc?).

Assess Chances of Success

Make sure you understand, too, what you’re working against– be it a disease, shitty neighbor’s attitude, trying to find a house and so on, because some targets are obviously more easily gotten to than others. If you realize that the opposition is strong, make your spell strong and make sure your allies are strong (see below). If there’s many different factors involved, make sure you either deal with each in their turn (don’t try to kill so many birds with one stone) or focus only on the most important. Don’t take on battles you can’t possibly win. This is a time when it’s good to use your favorite form of divination and check unflinchingly for whether or not you’ve put things together correctly and can actually succeed. Do not shy from the truth: if you can’t do it, you can’t do it. Don’t waste your effort, seek something else. I know we all want to believe we can effect grandiose changes but there’s nothing shameful in small ones. (I can’t do anything against the current administration with a spell, but I can protect myself. It might also behoove local practitioners in groups to focus on protecting Atlanta, for example)

Construct the Spell, Cast It

Now is when we worry about specific traditions and various methods. I won’t tell you anything specific, but I will say that the basics should be covered– Clearing and protecting your area; petitioning other powers for help or assistance/invoke entities; raising power; putting that power and direction into the spell, however it is assembled; finishing up and putting the spell to work. I do feel that it is very important to have working relationships with other entities. Gods, Ancestors, spirits and the like all seem to enjoy helping humans and one is rather foolish if they think they alone contain all the power they could ever use. No, no one is able to do much on their own, but together (for example, institutionalized racism wouldn’t be as strong as it is if only one person did it, right? It’s foolish to characterize evil as coming from any single source and fail to fight back properly, to act as if only “good” people and institutions worked together)… Now, of course that does mean you’ve been keeping an altar and making prayer and offerings and getting to know these entities and Deities and the like, right? No? Well, do get on that. It’s OK if you’re clumsy to start. Who isn’t these days?


Also, make sure you’ve done all of this in secret, or known only to those with whom you’ve worked (for those who do group workings). Do not publicize spells you may or may not do all over the internet in an attempt to figure out if it’s a good idea, or to make believe you’re doing an effective group working with people you’re not actually coordinating with, or otherwise make sure all the focus and power is completely drained and fizzled out as well as letting enemies know (especially if this is a working against someone or for someone in the public eye) what you’re doing, when and how so they can easily counteract it. Don’t be a fucking idiot and actually believe that all magick workers want the same things and support the same ideas, people, politics, etc. For fuck’s sake. Of course, the ridicule and harassment that comes with articles about things like spells will also do its own work to dismantle the spell before it can be done. I know we are taught to share every nuance of our lives online, but please don’t when it comes to magick. I know it may make it look like you do fuck all, but you’ll be effective, and that’s what matters. It’s more important to have the power and know others have no idea– can’t stop you so easily. Personal validation and self esteem do not, should not rely upon the opinions of others. Hopefully anyone reading this already realizes that!


This is, for now, essentially how I view the very basics of spell craft. The specifics when it comes to whatever spell you want to do, when you want to do it, are entirely up to you– if you follow a specific tradition, if you prefer to check against a specific ancient culture, or whatever it is you happen to know and have on hand. You can easily see new ways of handling “given” information. You might receive new methods and instructions. I really don’t care so long as you give it some thought and tinker around.

Things like irritating posts and articles going the rounds online as well as friends who are very new to and curious about Paganism and Magick have me thinking, naturally, as to how I would explain any of it. Especially as someone who finds articulating such things very difficult! Hopefully someone finds this helpful. I’m sure I’ll make a new write up some day in the future. Granted, I will make no effort to school people in the methods I use because I believe people need more… basic outlines which can be fitted to or improved by specific traditions, practices, what have you. There’s enough telling people what to do and how to do it more specifically and that seems to be very helpful for most. I do still encourage people to study widely, however, in order to have a better understanding of “how things work” as it were. Maybe I’ll discuss my specific practices at a later date.

*This link is a database of astrological information as well as the rating of accuracy of such for various public figures. It is quite extensive. Very good for studying astrology, for which the site is intended.


Spring is Springing

If I were a clever man, I would have photos here.

Well, for me here in Atlanta, I can say that this time of year (whatever you happen to call it– Imbolc, Candlemas… coincides with Chinese New Year etc, which of course is an event here too, although I have not been able to make it out to anything so far!) is definitely marked by the first flowers and buds of spring, even if the weather is topsy turvy. It’s windy, it alternates between chilly and warm, and the dandelions and camellias and hyacinths are all abloom. Of course the camellias came first and they’re still blooming with mounds of dropped heads surrounding the bushes, but the dandelions seemed to have just popped up and my grape hyacinth is in full bloom again. Chickweed has been growing since December.

Soon there’ll be faint greening on the trees– this will be more pronounced in our new neighborhood, where there are predominantly deciduous trees as opposed to mostly evergreens like at the old place. The pines are a different species too, but it’s a variety of broad leaved deciduous trees for the most part. I’ve only seen maybe one magnolia so far! Blackjack Oaks seem the most common– there’s certainly one right before our back door, with a sycamore before the living room window.The trees grow right against the buildings here so it should be reasonably shady and hopefully a little cooler in the summer. There’s loads of squirrels, which upset the cats, and the feeder has been ransacked finally by some white breasted nuthatches– a pair, as one would expect– instead of some brown headed nuthatches. Nuthatches are particular and will simply throw seed about until they find the ones they like and then carry that seed off one by one. Oy. You can watch them do it, chattering the whole time. Perhaps I’ll invest in a humming bird feeder and put that out most of the summer…

I already did my holiday with the new moon last week- it primarily consisted of cleaning, making a big ol’ pot of stew, and blessing specific items for bringing prosperity. Yes, this is traditionally the time of year that the plow and fields were blessed and all, but I don’t have a farm and it seems the point is ensuring one’s livelihood for the year, so I decided on working on different tools. We’ll see how it goes! But it felt it made more sense.

At any rate, while Orion still rides high, it sets earlier every night. I know very little about the stars for the seasons, but I endeavor to continue learning. Even with all the street lamps, many constellations are still very bright (especially since the air is still clear winter air), so I can at least track with that. I suppose I’ll learn who tends to ride high during the Spring, and so forth, by looking it up and then looking up! Orion is the easiest constellation for me to identify at present, although I used to know and could find nearly 80 when I was a kid! The stars are very important because, like anything else in the sky, they have always been used to mark the passage of time, and because much of any set of myths will be tied to the sky as well– the stars were so important to ancient people and were not considered apart from anything else. The little holes in Nött’s cloak as it were impart a good deal of information, and that information has been recorded as part and parcel of many different stories. Remember, the best way to store information happens to be in narrative forms– and they do not need to be literal. Mythology is incredibly complex, helping us to transmit information from generation to generation, age to age, to help us understand how to behave among each other, among spirits, and Gods, to navigate, to avoid danger, to draw goodwill and prosperity, etc. And it’s highly efficient (and correct, in a manner of speaking) to combine all these goals together, because things are not so discrete and easily discriminated (aha!) as we now believe.

To survive, you must have variety and complexity. Homogeneity may seem easier, neater, simpler, but it has very limited viability. It makes no sense, either, to propose life could continue in that manner– incest is a taboo for a reason. Why in the world should there be ONE culture, ONE religion, ONE language, etc? It spells certain death and decay!

Without variety, differences, and the like, without complexity, we become very weak and feeble. You cannot learn how to cooperate, you cannot learn how to define yourself as apart, and yet among, others, you cannot learn period. Well, you do… but you learn to be violent and intolerant and to value ignorance and stultification. One learns that this is “safe” and therefore “good.” It isn’t, it’s mouldering and decay. Death itself is a state of stillness, sameness, stopping, and yet that too must yield to change– the body must rot and feed the soil, the creatures who fly over it or walk upon it or squirm within it (as well as the plants– flesh, bone and blood are the excellent fertilizers). The body is composed of so many parts and processes which are woven together to make a cohesive whole. The processes vary and are flexible in order to cope with living– we cannot  breathe at the same rate indefinitely, for example. If your need for oxygen is heightened– you must prepare to engage in heavy physical activity, for example– then you must breathe more heavily and your heart must beat harder and your skin must perspire (remember, you breathe with the skin, too) and it’s likely your digestion must pause, it may need to ready adrenaline and other hormones and so on and so forth. When you are at rest, obviously you can breath more slowly, your heart rate may decrease, your digestion is free, etc. Staying at a ready level or active level for too long can cause a good deal of damage, and being at a low level of activity can also cause damage by being unable to withstand harder processing when necessary.  If the body cannot adapt, it will die. Consider the implications for a body of people– a community, a country. And entire species. An ecosystem, etc. Look to the seasons and see how they illustrate these things– consider it over and over again.


Ye Olde Moral Compass

Correction: In this I refer to “the rule of three,” which is generally the “law of threefold return.” However, the point of contention tends to lie within “…an’ it harm none…,” although this is not usually addressed (sometimes it is). I am aware of this, of course. Yet I also feel that this is sufficiently argued below, without amendment beyond this note. The confusion in terminology is rooted in the frequency with which people conflate the law of three with an’ in harm none, so far as the Wiccan Rede is concerned — never mind the complexities there, also. Things have, as they do, become somewhat oversimplified and confused, but that is its own thing and understood in its own way, so we’ll address it as such anyway. Semantics be damned, as it were.


Not usually the sort of thing I discuss because I dislike how this is generally taken extremely literally. In this instance I just want to share some thoughts about The Rule of Three, as it were.

The issue is usually presented as a follow it to the letter of the law or throw it out and ridicule it. I don’t thing either approach is particularly useful.

The obvious rebuttal is of course that magic has long been the recourse of those with very little political power, and that magic is not terribly nice. This is an extremely important point, but so too is that magic is also used by those who already have immense power and desire to cinch it moreso. This is well known and shouldn’t be forgotten either. Even today it’s understood that political leaders still rely on metaphysics to some extent (at the very least astrological analysis is still popular, as are more discreet mediums etc). I wouldn’t be surprised to find magic being done by various other names. As it is, magic isn’t always as straight forward in practice anyway and people often express their wills in such a way all the time (the Evil Eye and Shunning are good examples. Consider the use of Glamour as well).

However, there’s a key factor that’s often overlooked: One shouldn’t presume a fatalistic interpretation of The Rule of Three. The way it seems presented, it’s taught that you must hobble yourself and take no action, no matter what, because either you are deserving of gifts OR, through acting on your own, punishment. This interpretation makes no sense whatsoever within the context of magical practice! Magic is about taking action, not inaction. Inaction often serves the purposes of evil, it does not avoid it. This all makes sense from the point of view of many of middling and somewhat higher classes in Western cultures where it is preferred you allow someone else to take responsibility (re: Referral of Responsibility in Western psychology. It’s treated as if this is inherent to all people, but less popular studies show that it is only found in specific cultures, e.g. white-acculturated Americans. I have to be that specific: people who are not so white-acculturated, regardless of race actually, tend to immediately step in as a matter of personal responsibility to others, instead of assuming it’s someone else’s responsibility to do something (and that one will get into trouble for trying to intervene outside their station)). If you are beholden to that behavior, then you will find it easy to presume you musn’t act against someone who does you harm, because it is not your responsibility, but “someone” else’s. The universe, perhaps, or specific deities. Who knows? As long as one labors under patriarchal beliefs, they will always defer to “father” and refuse to do anything themselves, and frantically try to stop anyone else from trying either (in the end, few really want to see others hurt so they will violently try to keep others “in line” all for “their own/the greater good.” Clearly this still causes great harm).

Yet if you presume that individuals have the right and even responsibility to speak up, intervene, etc. the interpretation must then include that the three fold return will be mete by others in retaliation against the person in question*. An asshole usually does not garner much favor from others, and nor should they, and this is, I would have thought, the point. The point is to discourage selfish and harmful behavior because of how it affects others, and that others may see fit to reproach you. Indeed, if you are generally helpful and accepting of others, without being submissive and meek, you are more likely to receive favors and help from others yourself. You don’t demand it, but people who know how to show gratitude will (and it’s important to teach people how to do this too when they don’t know or understand). Naturally this can be extended to relationships with the land, spirits, what-have-you.

Of course, standing up for yourself can include asking for help where you are less capable; there is no shame in petitioning the Gods for assistance. A good bit of magic done usually includes honor and requests to Them anyway: no one is capable of acting entirely on their own. It will always come back down to the need for cohesive community, which is flexible and enjoys diversity as opposed to stagnation from rigidity and homogeneity. But if you expect Them to take action all on Their own, then you may need to wait some lifetimes for Their time tables are quite long. This isn’t to say They don’t take personal interest, but that it may not come as quickly as you would like (or in quite the fashion you would like**)– and so you are in fact free to ask for their assistance in something you expect to bring about a little more immediately. And that is a bit more complex and I hope to discuss it at another time!

As for why I give a fuck about the whole Rule of Three anyway, well, it’s a common topic of discussion and people usually make the mistake of believing everyone has to abide by it. At any rate, everyone is expected to understand and discuss it. All that said, I do kinda like it when taken in the way I described: Simply put, you can do as you please, but if you’re a piece of shit then don’t be surprised if people fuck you over. Therefore, if someone is a real piece of shit, they deserve what’s coming to them and if you don’t do something about it, you’re not fulfilling the rule. 😛 Just mind that you’re not simply being cruel (the simplest thing is to take away an oppressor’s power, to have them visited by all they’ve given out, to have this click in them somewhere so that they understand what they’ve done and feel the necessary guilt and shame that prompts them to change. That is my preferred rubric for spells against others, anyway. If they experience what they’ve done to others, then they must also have this experience teach them compassion for others through understanding. This understanding will fuel their capacity to change. If this part is not included, they may instead only become more harmful, believing themselves persecuted and justified in acting violently against others). I also enjoy its simplicity. Where religion and spirituality is concerned, I do not think it benefits to have codified lists of rules. Societies often need that, but religions should not. If the latter do, they must be as easily argued and updated as secular laws, for human prejudice clouds rule making all too frequently and circumstances change all too easily. Flexibility, not rigidity, benefits.


*Of course this is somewhat simplified, and when the assholes are the ones in control against someone who does not belong to a powerful group, that is majority vs minority, then the social rule runs sharply against the one in the minority position. This is generally then used to claim that “they clearly deserved it,” and those in the majority position are also, per my personal observations, so fucking used to misery that they wouldn’t notice a curse if it was “tap-dancing naked in front of them.” Still, back to the point, in this situation the lesson became “never ever act against oppressors or you’ll be justly punished” in order to insure this status quo. Thus, people have also forgotten how to act out and only follow what their oppressors tell them is A-OK. Of course, actual action is likely to be harshly punished and people’s lives are frequently such that they absolutely cannot afford to be punished. Thus, magic and petitioning the Gods and spirits. Do not allow anyone to dissolve your power by claiming this is useless if it is what you have best at your disposal.

**Often people reference having petitioned deities for this or that help in their life only to have things go topsy-turvy, owing to the fact that they asked without understanding what they were asking for and that development often comes through crisis and challenge… not smooth, comfortable transitions. It is difficult from an insider’s vantage point to see where the problem may have to do with insufficient challenge prompting the proper actions, thought processes to garner the necessary information and experience to actually get the loftier position they desired. Life experience is simply not given much credence today, but you can bet the Gods and spirits give it a good deal of importance. :V


Tired as usual am I, but I’m posting from the new apartment. The internet got set up while I was away in Indiana (a very stressful trip indeed), and I’m doing double duty as reasonably as possible with moving things in because my room mate got appendicitis while I was away and naturally you cannot do any bending, lifting (not even a bad cat!) while recovering from abdominal surgery. As reasonably as possible because I have chronic back and hip problems of my own and so do not deign to injure myself, which would put both of us out of commission and in a very bad way indeed. At least if my back must go out, it must wait until we’ve finished up with the old place and turned in our keys at the end of this week. We’ve agreed to take a break before trying to unpack everything. We’ve already unpacked a good deal, but there’s still a sea of boxes to get through (mostly books).

The walls are a very new material for me which caused something of a crisis– I have not had my full devotional altar set up for weeks now. It goes on a shelf, and I was unable to drill into the wall to put up a shelf. However I finally got a plaque up last night — new drill, new information. Still, I can happily report that I acclimated well enough– As ideal as it is to have a full set up, if you can’t, you can’t, but that doesn’t stop you from doing anything. In Indiana I had nothing with me and I still managed to get some devotional activity in (not much, though. It was horribly hard to concentrate when they kept both TVs blasting all day and there was a high risk I’d be interrupted. So instead of after my shower, it had to be before going to bed).

On that note, I need to find some new furniture, namely to replace the unwieldy shelves I was using for magical herbs and oils. I’m hoping to find something suitable at a thrift store. Until then, I’ll make do with pen and paper. :V Not to say I haven’t dug out a few things like some choice condition oils, but you know. The ingredients to make things must remain in boxes for the time being.

Speaking of pen and paper for spells, my minimal set up didn’t hamper anything. I made some paper charms to take with me and one of them, the most important on which I was able to focus more clearly worked quite well. The other I was not quite as clear on and unsurprisingly it didn’t work that well (but I suppose it did do something because it could have been much worse). So as ever, experience shows that the two most important things in spell crafting are:

  1. Keeping your attention focused on what you’re trying to accomplish
  2. Keeping the intended goals clear and to the point

Incidentally, the book I read over the trip (largely in the airport or on the plane), Coyote Medicine, also illustrated these points for a different use. Actually, I found the book very informative as a Pagan and Witch —  a lot of my research centers on getting at the core of magical and devotional practice in order to create a functional practice today, which means looking at a lot of surviving traditions. You’ll find certain patterns that come up over and over and that’s where you find the important points. It’s more important, for example, to work earnestly and cultivate relationships with various spirits, deities, and ancestors however you can, and to listen to what they impart to you, than it is to look up tables of who symbolizes what and so on and just try to call upon entities without knowing them. It’s also important to make use of what you have instead of pining over what you believe (without even understanding) to be ideal. Perhaps you’ll get to that ideal point,  but it won’t work much better if you haven’t built up to it first (I would never give a novice professional tools; the simplest tools are often the most efficient, but complex to learn).

At any rate, this means that nebulous needs like “peaceful interactions” are less likely to succeed in a spell while something like, “traveling safely, easily and quickly by plane and bus” is more likely to succeed, especially as the latter brings up very clear images (riding along calmly and smoothly, etc). The former is more difficult to focus on, at least for me, because there’s a number of things I could include and it just becomes a confused mess. There’s also the problem where trying to push against another is more difficult– the pilot, bus driver, the airports and all are also interested in getting people from point A to point B safely and quickly, but my mother is argumentative and highly critical as a rule, so trying to ensure peaceful interactions with her, particularly when her temper will be much shorter due to illness, is quite a difficult task. So this needs borne in mind as well. There are of course other mediating factors as well, but this is true of all things.


Dark of the Year


Also known as the best time of year because the dark, the quiet, the dim light’s middling tones… Ahhh. While I may not see wonderful scenes like the above here in Georgia, the sun is only pleasantly warm, the skies are dim grey and most of the deciduous trees have lost their leaves.

That my birthday falls in December may have something to do with my preference for the later months lol.

The darkness, dimness, the silence of winter are all to be celebrated. It is the time of year these features are prominent and they should not go unrecognized, ignored in favor of the coming spring. Spring will not be for some while yet and you cannot endure winter without handling it as it is. Demanding spring can only breed impatience: spring will come as surely as it must, simply wait for it. There is plenty to enjoy, celebrate and deal with through winter, and that needs priority.

There’s no reason to loathe winter any more than the other seasons– they all come with inconveniences and problems.


Language is a Poor Paintbrush


I despise explaining myself with words. I can hardly explain to you my beliefs and knowledge any more than I can explain why I ever drew the above image. It’s fine, I suppose, out of context, but within context it doesn’t make any real sense. Except to me, but it is nothing which I can articulate. You can offer any interpretation you like, but it likely cannot shed any light upon my own.

More than anything, all things we describe to one another are a matter of perspective, which the reader will quickly point out is a matter of course (of course it is), but what I mean by perspective is somewhat clarified as:

  1. What one has learned to expect
  2. What one has experienced before, which informs current expectations
  3. What one desires to  be true and what one desires to be false
  4. And that all of these things will be, must be, resolved into whatever the observer has at their disposal (see above)

So for example, take sight. You must learn to see. Seeing is taken for granted for sighted persons– the majority, to be sure– and one does not question what they see most of the time. “Seeing is believing.” But you had to learn to do it– you had to learn depth perception, and you had to learn how to resolve colors, light and shadow, shape, depth, and so much more, into objects, space, movement, etc. When one who has not had physical sight is given such– and there are case studies where, for example, cataracts present from childhood were removed successfully later in life– cannot see, despite being able to see. They can see– they see shapes, and colors, and distinctions of some sort, but they do not understand it. They may still have to pick up and feel the house pets the figure out which is which, they cannot tell apart a window and a painting, etc.

Consider the following:


While not as confusing as the best, it still illustrates the point. You can see both a woman at her boudoir as well as a skull. You can more easily experience the process of resolving information into a categorical image (e.g. skull’s teeth or perfume bottles, line of her dress or jawline and so on).

This is especially true whenever we deal with anything outside the material world– for lack of a better term. Physical, tangible, etc. Once we get into the occult, spiritual, metaphysics, whatever you want to call it, we end up in a confusing morass because language is scarcely adequate at this point in time. Or perhaps it is adequate, if only we were all blessed with the same vocabulary and learning. Alas, this is not the case.

So how do you define a helpful spiritual entity which you may call up for help as needed?
What precisely is a deity?
What is a malefic or at least unhelpful spiritual entity?
What’s a soul, or non-physical portion of your body? How do we interact with the spiritual/non-physical?

These are very basic questions, and I’ve phrased them as neatly as I can, however they will still be a bit confusing to some because of the language and syntax used. Different people may give very different answers from one another, because they’ve had different experiences, talked to different people and read different books. It does not help that people often take the attitude that there is only one “correct” approach and answer to any of this and experience a good deal of anxiety and anguish trying to make sure they are on the “correct” team, as it were. Further, people like to rely on shorter explanations and descriptions so the longer terms and phrases which are open to a broader variety of people are eschewed in favor of whatever the term du jour is. Right now it seems Pagans are real into angels for some reason, as well as The Devil. Not for me, I don’t get it, moving on. Polytheism is starting to be more understood, but there are still too many who smugly “correct” polytheists with “but god/ddess is all deities as one!” No, shut up, go away. Maybe you experience just one deity, but I don’t, and that’s that. Ah, to be held fast to the Christian belief that Polytheism is a small minded barbarism, while monotheism is for the civilized. Don’t make me vomit.

We need to be able to resolve our experiences into words which others can understand, or there can be no discussion, no development. But in order to do that, we must have words and concepts which are adequate for what we are perceiving. We cannot, as in many other topics too, remain satisfied with what we currently have. Language has been seeing a very real need to change, shift, to properly describe the world around us for some time (and as has always been the case anyway). The first part is to agree to accept one another– instead of arguing over who is the most correct. (In some instances, perhaps not speaking at all is best)

Today’s entry was brought to you by an irritating podcast episode and needing to take a break from weaving. Everyone gets a scarf for the holidays this year. Well, almost everyone. The cats will not get scarves.

Minor Updates

Been offline for the most part, super sorry– We had been apartment hunting, sick, and Thanksgiving. As well as gift shopping. Or shopping for materials to make gifts.

We found an apartment and I’m super stoked about it- we can begin moving in on the 15th of December and we don’t have to be totally out of this current one until the 20th of January. The first two weeks of rent at the new place are free, hence starting the lease on the 15th instead of the first (or even right then in mid-late November). It’s a little small for a two bedroom, but it’s in the best possible location, particularly for me (very easy to walk to many many things). We’re also directly across from a train and bus station so we can get to more things without driving. Huzzah!

I’m a little bummed about the size only because I feel like it’ll be difficult to fit my things in my room and have room for all that, let alone some space in the middle for rituals. Of course, Milo will have plenty of room in his room (he gets the big room because he’s paying more than half the rent– otherwise I couldn’t have afforded it) for his stuff, especially computer and a table for working on art, so he won’t be in the living room as often any more, so if it’s feasible, I could practice in there. We’ll see. The living room is probably going to be more cramped.

Thanksgiving was good– we made our dinner as usual and we’re still working through left overs lol. We tried to watch some Thanksgiving episodes but it kinda fell flat– I enjoyed the Seinfeld episode but it wasn’t strictly a thanksgiving episode (it only involved the ruining of the float parade, among other things), but I don’t think Milo did. I did not enjoy the Bob’s Burgers one nor the Cheers one, though Milo did. Our tastes in media don’t really agree, to be honest, which he still has trouble accepting (it’s difficult to explain).

But yeah he was sick and now I’m sick, so that’s a thing. On the other hand I have picked up loads of yarn and been fiddling with my loom finally so trying to make some gifts (scarves, mostly). Weaving is much faster than knitting– and I today found a video showing how to set up the warp super extra fast which will make it even easier,  because the lengthy set up process is something of a deterrent. At some point I want to make some runners for the altar, especially with weaving in designs. Tapestry weaving isn’t super difficult but I do want to learn how to do it neatly, etc. I’ve taught myself so far. Knitting has its uses but I think I’m going to like weaving a lot more. For what I want to do, anyway. Scarves that don’t roll up on themselves will be a nice start lol. Of course a knitted scarf is much warmer, but yeah.

I’m also experimenting with roll-on condition oils lol. I mean, it’s just putting the oil in a roll on bottle which makes application much easier– and transportable. Hurrah. But yeah, we’ll see how that goes. I also have some photos I need to work on. I got outside Thanksgiving morning and took pictures of the trees around the apartment (which are still in full fall color because lol Georgia) and today I got pictures of either a juvenile or female eastern bluebird that was on the sill outside the bedroom window when I got out of the shower. Awesome! I want to print some photos off and mount them on tree slices. Probably not the blue bird– I doubt the quality since there’s, you know, window frame and screen in the way– But some of the landscapes I’ve taken, some of the flowers, etc.

So yeah, that’s all for now I suppose. Things will continue to be a bit quiet as I need to get started on packing and all that fun stuff. We’ll be hitting up local liquor stores for their boxes shortly! We also have a lot of shit we need to run to local thrift stores to donate lol. And then of course I’ll be totally offline while I’m in the new place before we transfer the internet over. Like I can go to a cafe or something to get wifi for my phone or tablet but I don’t do much online with those (can’t block ads).

Annnnd our upstairs neighbor is now playing the Peanuts xmas special theme on his keyboard upstairs, or at least working it out by ear from the sounds of it. Well OK then.